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Visco Elastic Memory Foam “Visco” 55 manufactured from technology originally developed by N.A.S.A for the space program. “Visco” reacts with body temperature to form to the shape of the Body creating an individually designed sleeping system for every user.

Reduces postural stress and helps eliminate stiff necks and tense shoulders for back and side sleepers creating a more natural spinal alignment to promote correct sleeping posture
This Mattress is fire retardant and has an independent tested by The Furniture Industry Research Association.

The Luxury Mattress is supplied with a removable washable stretch knit cover. We use Vasco 55 density Visco Elastic Memory Foam comfort layer. Memory foam was first developed for the space program to help absorb the increased weight of an astronaut during take off. Memory Foam reacts with the body heat to conform to the users shape, it ensures:

  • No more "Roll together " our mattress will mirror your body shape to create a complete reflection
  • Reduced pressure points and ultimate sleep delivery
  • Correct posture while sleeping

The base layer is thoroughly supportive with proven durability and comfort.

luxury visco mattress

Available in:
7" deep for people up to 13 stone and
10" deep for people up to 18 stone,
for heavier weights please refer to the Magic Mattress.

Independently tested byFIRA(Furniture Industry Research Association for Durability and Flammability BS7177, tested by the nation for Comfort).

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being soft and 10 being hard this mattress is rated 7.

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