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Magic Mattress

If Comfort and Quality are your 2 main desires then this is the mattress for you.

The magic mattress is made up of a composite of three luxurious layers of the highest quality foam,each layer has a very specific role to play and has been added to provide an unrivalled sleep system.

Supplied in a removable washable stretch knit cover incorporating Outlast® Adaptive Comfort®

Layer 1
165mm Support layer of High Resistance Supaflex 400 firm foam. Supaflex foam is the market leading filer free foam. Supaflex 400 firm has been classified under the British Standards "V" suitable for very severe use, this gives you the reassurance of Comfort, Quality and Durability.

Layer 2
64mm Support Memory Foam Unrivalled support and pressure relieving 55 density memory foam. Providing support and pressure relief, layer 2 is paramount in providing you with the Magic Mattress sleep benefits, it will ensure that you adopt the correct posture and spinal alignment allowing you to rest more soundly and awake refreshed and ready to take on the world!

Layer 3
25mm Comfort Layer Memory Foam the crown of the Magic Mattress, designed to give instant comfort, this layer has been added to create a soft yet supportive reflection of your body. Layer 3 reacts closely with layer 2 to combine the benefits of the memory foam, providing you with a Magic Quality, sleeping will never be the same again!


Magic Outlast Mattress

Extra Benefits of Magic Mattress

  • CNC Air profiled through length of mattress to help mattress breath
  • Firm side rails on mattress for support when sitting on bed edges
The Magic Mattress comes with Outlast® Adaptive Comfort®

....not too hot

.....not too cold

.....just right

Outlast® Adaptive Comfort® was originally developed for NASA to balance extreme temperature swings for astronaut space suits. The Deluxe Mirror Image Mattress contains Outlast® Adaptive Comfort®technology. It will keep you comfortable by absorbing body heat when you create too much, and releasing it when you need it most. By buffering the microclimate near to your skin Outlast® bedding reduces overheating and sweating, helping you to sleep more soundly and wake rested.


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