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Health Bed Mem Med 1400

with Memory-Flex Pressure Relief Individual Pocketed Spring System

Easy-Care No-Turn
Medium Feel

21st Century Sleeping Technology,
giving the most comfortable night's sleep

Simply Out Of This World!

Visco Elastic Memory Foam originally developed by NASA's research centre to relieve pressure build up experience by astronauts on lift off. This unique pressure relieving material is used in the Dual Density Memory-Flex range to give the ultimate sleep experience.

Healthbeds Dual Density Memory-Flex is constructed from two layers - the initial top soft layer to ease tension and aching muscles also gives this mattress a luxurious relaxing feel. The second higher - density layer conforms to the body shape and reduces pressure build-up, both layers work together to hold the spine in it's natural position, helping to eliminate pain and discomfort to give a deeper and more comfortable sleep.

mem med 1400 at Bubblitex  Macclesfield
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